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Are my red glare horns big enough now?

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My Mother got a purple necklace for me, with the name “Allynn” engraved on it and then proceeds to tell me how my preferred pronouns don’t matter and i need to stop fighting with people about them misgendering me…

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I got these and I have refused to take them off since then… But once I start shipping presents off, it will be a different story.

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I am going to downtown disney now but… My senpais used to come to citywalk… Aahhhh~!

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I am hanging out at citywalk for those floridastucks whom might wanna meet me… I am here till seven.

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Are my red glare horns big enough now?

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So much easier to get pictures at universal…

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These are like the only surviving GIFs from last night. I apologize for my face.

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you should go on tinychat more often ~Sweet Anon
- Anonymous

I will once I come home from Florida

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